Netherlands Business Council

Established in 1997 by Dutch Consulate and a group of prominent Dutch businessmen, the Netherlands Business Council, commonly known as NBC, aims to provide a platform for its members to network, encourage and promote business links with the Netherlands.

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  • 2018
  • New Year's Reception

    To celebrate the upcoming year we would like to invite our members to our New Year’s Reception at the residence of Mr. Hans Sandee, our Consul Gene...

  • Business over Breakfast: 'Creating great work experience'

    The competition for talent has never been more fierce. And yet more people are searching for a sense of purpose at work and often ask themselves, “D...

  • Monthly Network Event: Sustainable Finance

    Charges Free for members including 2 drink vouchers and snacks (i.a. Dutch bitterballen). Guests 1st time introduction: free of charge when int...


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